Why Us

Our Forte

Skilled, Experienced and Competent Workmen.
Large Vendor Base for all materials and equipment.
100% Client Satisfaction.
In-house Quality Control and Assurance team, working continuously to ensure that all services, products are delivered with top-notch quality.
In-house calibration facility equipped with state-of-the-art certified instruments.
Latest equipment and technology utilization at our worksites.
Financial Strength & Economic Capability.

Manpower Resources

We believe that our people are our most important asset. We continuously strive to retain skilled talent and ensure overall growth and development of each and every employee on our rolls. We currently have over 100 people on our permanent rolls and over 300 people employed on our various project sites in India and abroad.

Equipment Resources

In order to serve our clients with the highest level of quality and safety, we continuously keep upgrading our equipment. Our endeavour is to provide equipment from the most reputed manufacturers only. We have an in-house calibration and maintenance laboratory which ensures that all equipment leaving our facility is checked thoroughly and cleared a quality and safety check.
Sr. Instrument Description Qty.
1. Dead Weight Tester 08
2. Temprature Calibrator 07
3. Multifunction Calibrator with Pressure Module 02
4. HART Communicator (version 475) 03
5. Digital Pressure Calibrator 06
6. Digital Calibrator 10
7. Digital Pressure Indicator 10
8. Digital Loop Calibrator 02
9. Pressure Test Guage 21
10. TRUE RMS Multimeter (FLUKE) 02
11. Digital Multimeter 18
12. Digital Megger (500V/1000V) 18
Sr. Instrument Description Qty.
13. Analog Meggerr (5000V) 03
14. Digital Clamp Meter 07
15. Digital Tacho Meter 03
16. Function Generator 02
17. Digital Lux Meter 03
18. Phase Sequence Meter 02
19. Test Guage (Ordinary Pressure Guages) 10
20. AC Power Supply Source 05
21. DC Power Supply Source 12
22. Torque Wrench 04
23. Hydraulic Pump - Motor Operated 01
We Continuously keep upgrading our equipment and hence the list may not be exhaustive. While we keep to try the information here up to date, we request you to reach out to our project office for the most recent list.

You may write to info@aarkay.in for latest available information.