Our Policies

Quality Policy

 “Our continuous endeavour is to provide service to our clients of the highest quality. We will strive to forever maintain and protect this endeavour”

We the Management & Staff of Aarkay Instruments Pvt. Ltd. hereby endorse that:
We are totally committed to comply with the requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of our quality management system.
We will establish and review our quality objectives on a periodic basis.
We will communicate this policy to all Staff and review it for the continuing suitability.
We will maintain the same level quality of services irrespective of client, place, circumstance and perform our work with the highest level of Integrity.

Health, Safety, Security & Environment (HSSE) Policy

Aarkay Instruments Pvt. Ltd. is committed to a safe and efficient functioning of all our project sites, offices and warehouse. Our efforts are channelized to inhibit all occupational hazards, and stop as far as possible all accidents from occurring:

To this effect we, the executive management & employees of Aarkay Instruments Pvt. Ltd., will:
Promote the importance of HSSE among all our colleagues and fellow workmen
Ensure all our staff personnel wear PPE’s (Personal Protective Equipment) at our worksites
Identify potential safety hazards at all our worksites and implement measures to avoid, prevent and mitigate such occurrences.
Ensure that the security of all personnel and equipment is intact while performing any hazardous activity
Deploy adequate safety personnel equipped with First Aid knowledge to act in a quick and efficient manner minimizing the potential impact of untimely and unfortunate incidents
Use energy efficient equipment, prevent pollution and create awareness among all staff to minimize the use of non-renewable natural resources
Comply with all applicable local laws with respect to health, safety, security and environment and use suitable benchmarks where such a law does not exist

Alcohol and Substance Abuse Policy

Aarkay Instruments Pvt. Ltd. is committed towards maintaining the highest standards of service provided to its clients. We are also dedicated to promoting a safe and healthy working environment for all our employees and workmen.

We have adopted a zero-tolerance policy against the possession and/or use of Alcohol and Drugs by our employees. To this effect we will:
Create and promote awareness against the ill effects of usage of Alcohol/Drugs
Take strict disciplinary action against any employee found in the possession of Alcohol/Drugs at any of the Aarkay Premises/Worksites leading to a possible termination of services
Conduct periodic random checks at our workplaces to ensure that no alcohol/drug abuse is taking place.

Induction and Training Program

Maintaining the quality and competency of our workmen is very crucial to the success of every project we undertake. With this end in mind, we have set up an Induction & Training Program for each employee that joins the organisation.

The Induction & Training Program educates each employee in hands-on work., the nuances of safety and the importance of technical fundamentals.

All our new engineers are assigned a ‘buddy’ (a senior engineer) who trains the former ensuring that fundamental knowledge is imparted and assimilated.

Each employee is sent for First Aid, Sea Survival, Safety & Fire fighting to ensure no compromise is done on the health and welfare of our people and property.

Total Quality Management - QA/QC Department


Our main objective is to deliver products confirming to the highest standards. Our constant endeavour is to achieve and maintain a level of Zero Defect in our products/services. We generate feedback through each project we undertake and take steps to refine our methods and mitigate any quality defects that may have arisen.


Our TQM Programme is structured around the PDCA cycle: Plan, Do, Check & Act.

In the Plan step, we define the basis and perform a root-cause analysis on the problem at hand

In the Do phase, we brainstorm and develop a solution that can be implemented 

In the Check phase, we compare the scenarios before and after the change and gauge the effectiveness of the solution 

In the Act phase, the entire process is documented for future reference